Together we support the development of career guidance in the Czech Republic and European-wide



The current changes in the labour market and the challenges brought by online forms of
interaction bring new demands, as well as new opportunities for education and guidance. The
National Career Guidance Award 2021 perfectly exemplifies how career guidance and career
education are developing dynamically and reacting flexibly to the current societal situation. As
part of the November 30, 2021, Conference, organised by the Euroguidance Center (based in
the National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic), the representatives of awarded
practices were publicly recognized with the National Career Guidance Award 2021. More so,
the National Career Guidance Awards from Slovakia and Serbia were also presented at the
event. The winning practices will be promoted through the database of good practices to be
found at Finally, during the round table held at the conference, the need to
strengthen the personal and career development of pupils in schools and the Framework
Education Programmes were discussed, both within the Czech Republic and European-wide.

What practices were awarded?
The statutory city of Ostrava won one of the most prestigious awards for their role in the
development of career counselling in Ostrava schools. In Ostrava, the position of career
counsellor in schools was successfully and systematically introduced.

EKS, an educational and consulting organisation, also highly awarded for their role in
supporting school career counsellors. In cooperation with foreign partners within the Erasmus+
program, they have created the publication “A Practitioner's Guide to Uncharted Waters of
Career Counselling. Critical reflection perspective.” The methodological manual exists in a
printed and electronic version, and has been translated in 5 languages.

Lucie Václavková and Petra Drahoňovská were recognized with a main prize for promoting
career counselling. They created a series of webinars called “Ask a Career Counsellor”, which
stand to support anyone interested in their own career development, as well as career
counsellors or HR professionals.

The Vysočina Education organisation too was awarded with a major prize for the systematic
development of career counselling and education in the Vysočina Region. Their framework for
career guidance and education in primary schools, which arose as a result of cross-border
cooperation, was piloted in several primary schools in cooperation with school career guidance

Richard Nevšímal, a representative of the Counselling and Career Centre UCT Prague, together
with other university career centres, won a preeminent prize for supporting the systematic
cooperation of university career centres. The Counselling and Career Centre UCT Prague
initiated the 4th meeting of career centres from all over the Czech Republic, which significantly
enhanced the capacity for cooperation among them.

Other examples of good practices that received special recognition from the expert jury:
Local Action Group Šternbersko, for an interactive program for primary school pupils;
Andrea Csirke and Petra Šnepfenbergová, for the electronic publication "How to
manage a career choice with a child?";

Institute of Career and Development, for the continuous development of the platform;

Statutory city of Děčín, for the development of a career counselling system at primary

Jan Zeman, for creating the online peer tool "";
Dorota Madziová, for her contribution to online career education;

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