Crossborder 2018 Compendium „Guidance and Counselling in the School Curriculum. Experiences, Practices, Innovations and Responses to Current Challenges”

The compendium comprises of 11 national surveys elaborated by the CBS countries and 11 articles of the experts based on their practical workshops held during the CBS 2018 in Romania.

Information on the Lifelong Guidance System in the Czech Republic

Information about the guidance system in the Czech Republic in 2018. What are the challenges in guidance, evaluation of the career guidance in schools, employment etc?

Euroguidance Network - Highlights of the Work in 2017

This Highlights publication aims at providing an overview of the Euroguidance network’s activities and achievements in 2017.

Lifelong guidance practices in France

Euroguidance France provides information about the lifelong guidance system in France



  • Acquiring empowering learning & career management skills
  • Preventing school drop-out
  • Promoting transitions between academic cycles and encouraging success
  • Supporting career transition
  • Using digital technology to facilitate guidance
  • How the Euroguidance network works

Euroguidance Insight

Insight newsletter 2017 of the Euroguidance network reflects on the 25 year existence of the network and the main topic is ICT in guidance.